Sports Mission to Azare

by Onoriobe


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Here is how the story goes.

A  friend donated some soccer balls for children in Swaziland. I took one soccer ball with me on a mission to Northern Nigeria.

While treating dental patients, a young boy caught my attention. He is about 6 years old and was selling peanuts.

It occurred to me that the ball belonged to him. I beckoned for him to come, that I had a gift for him. He ran away.  He did not trust this stranger dentist lol. He thought I wanted to extract his teeth.

Long story short, I gained his trust and he agreed to come get the ball. 

He dropped his wares at home and returned with some friends.

It then occurred to me that the soccer ball was the tool to show the kids about Christ love.

We could not share the gospel openly. I put out a little competition and soon enough every child there was following me.

The girls were not left out. Salisu  did not participate in the competition as I had decided the gift was his. He did not need any works to own it. He took the ball and ran home with it.

A few minutes later he returned having taken his bath accompanied by some friends.

Salisu would come to me every day with more children who wanted a soccer ball.

Through him I reached so many children. 

I gave some money to cover all the peanuts that he was selling.

He smiled so big and throttled home.

The next he came with 2 packs of peanuts for his favorite dentist.

Now that we found love, what am l going to do? 

Now I want Salisu to go to school and get an education. 
I want to form soccer ⚽️ teams in Salihu’s community.


  1. Used or new soccer jerseys and boots and other soccer gear - shin guards and socks.
  2. Funds to acquire a soocer training facility in Azare, Bauchi

PM me if you want to join this revival to win the love of these kids and give them a hope and a future.

  • How can we get this campaign out. Its not easily visible out there, you could use Facebook to raise and event and also add this link to your youtube video. I did a lot of work before i could find this. Others probably wont

    Bankole Dada

    9/9/2018 12:34:30 AM

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