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Promoting micro-enterprise: The poor cannot access loans from conventional banks because they have no collateral and also the interest is usually on the high side. SABO TASHA GLORIOUS ICARE MCSL meets the needs of the poor women by providing collateral/interest free micro-credit 

at their doorstep.


Women Empowerment: SABO TASHA GLORIOUS ICARE MCSL works through women's groups (Centers) because in the present economy investing in women is better because women tend to use resources more productively than men. That is, women tend to invest their income in the household and for their children.


Building Asset: The poor live on the brink of subsistence, and often have to sell their limited assets or get into bonded labor to survive. Through the working capital provided by SABO TASHA GLORIOUS ICARE MCSL poor women generate income, build assets, and move toward self-reliance.


Supporting Livelihood: By providing loans without interest to the poorest, we expect to help raise their incomes and 

thus also spur the village economy.


SABO TASHA GLORIOUS ICARE MCSL provides micro loans to the poor Women through women cooperatives in the state, that utilizes the peer-lending model developed by the Bank of Industry.


 SABO TASHA GLORIOUS ICARE MCSL methodology involves several phases-a village survey, projection meeting, 

the formation of groups and centers , and administration of the loan program.


Our guiding principle is to provide opportunity, not charity. It is better to provide a continual stream of credit that will enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty rather a one-time charitable grant that may help in the short-term, but will not make a long-term impact in the lives of poor women.

Our Target/ Aim is to give 200 women(petty traders) loan of N50,000 without interest every year.

Amount required : N5000000

Beneficiaries.       : 100 women every                                          6months.

Launch out date. : 1st Oct 2019

Venue.                   : Kaduna South


God bless you as you support this noble cause. God bless Mothers!! God bless Nigeria!!!



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