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The AyoIroha Clothing Ltd is a company that started its business in 2014 but opened itself fully to customers in 2016 after being selected on the Tony Elumelu Foundation by the brand name called AyoIroha Clothing she went on to register an informal factory called FashionBrokers Consult Ltd and since then started trading in large garment production for both itself and other clothing brand owners. By 2017 October it started employing the physically challenged tailors especially the Deaf and the Dumb in training and employment, This journey open her to begin to incubate the Idea that she could help more physically challenged members of her society, and over the last 9month from 2018 she moved her factory Space called 'FashionBrokers Consult Ltd' to a space where she could employ more Deaf and Dumb tailors and train widely. Today she took up the task of looking for physically Challenged business owners who are struggling with funding to Expand or Grow that small business in a tough society like ours.

In the Last 10months we have been training the FEEBLE FEETED in clutches, wheelchairs etc on how to manage their businesses, then the ones that have no funding at all who want to set up a business, We also push the ones whose businesses have packed up based on tough circumstances to build a different Idea by looking at opportunities around their immediate environs.

I [Mrs Ayo Okpa-Iroha] decided to start the process of setting up a foundation called the AAI Foundation [Centre for the Disabled Entrepreneurs in Nigeria] to help this members of our society in the next 10years with a set target of raising 25-30million injected into 25 physically Challenged persons in business across any skill acquired or invention or Ideas start up. This will be achieved by training and mentorship in business planning and acceleration twice in a year with boot camp just before we exhibit their products and services to the world, then a [A major follow up on their business progress after 1year of training].

All funds raised for these persons will be put in a Bank at 50% disbursement as Grants and second disbursement of second 50% as little interest pay back to their accounts in helping them see the importance of growing the business. This is the conversation we are bringing to help see accelerated growth in their businesses.

I look forward to great hands together on this for a more inclusive environment for us all.

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