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My name is chidinma Helen Akano, and I am 36years old mother of two amazingly beautiful kids. On November 2018 I suddenly started having difficulty to stand or walk upright. I went in for an MRI scan and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the spine and degenerative joint disease. Further diagnosis showed I had developed optic neurosis ( a medical condition of limited eye vision). As each day progresses I have difficulty in lifting, bending, standing unassisted and even sleeping because of a continuous pain throughout my body joints. The pain triggers every five minute interval. Is a feeling that is torturing to my mental being. Unable to afford further treatment because I have completely drained my savings and presently in debt in the past year of this condition. I had to stop work because of inability to function physically. With proper medical treatment I could get back to work and take care of my kids. I have been so humbled by my experience.My goal is to raise the sum of six hundred thousand naira For medical treatment, but more importantly I ask for help , to be well and alive for my 2 kids. I cannot stand the disappointing looks in there eyes, knowing that I cannot physically attend to there needs. I deeply desire to get back to my real self. I will forever appreciate any help from anyone to rescue me from this condition. Thank you and God bless

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