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Mercy’s father, Obiora, a vulcanizer, married Nkem when she was 19.  When she was pregnant, Nkem hawked to support her husband. The child was named Mercy. Nkem had three more kids Ifeanyi, Uche and Obinna. Things became more difficult for them.
Mercy was seven years old when she joined the mother in hawking. Mercy hawked pap before going to school and in the evening she hawked oranges. With time, her mother allowed her hawk alone.
Nkem instructed Mercy not to go beyond two streets and also to avoid major roads. While Mercy hawked alone she met Johnnie, a mechanic who wanted to buy some oranges. He invited Mercy into his workshop and shut the door. Johnnie raped Mercy who felt the pain of being molested. Johnnie threatened to kill her, every member of her family and burn down their house, if she ever told anyone what happened.
Mercy went back home and could not say a word. Nkem did not notice if anything was wrong with her daughter. Mercy went back daily to Johnnie's workshop as he had instructed her. She remembered the consequences of not complying. Johnnie later invited some of his friends to join in molesting Mercy.
Mercy went through a lot. Nnamdi, 17, wanted to buy some oranges. After agreeing on the price, she gave Mercy N5 to buy pure water for him. The innocent, naive girl left her oranges and the money she had made to get the water. On her return, Nnamdi had bolted with her money and oranges; all that was left was an empty tray.
Mercy cried her way back home. Her mother beat her mercilessly and denied her food for that day.
Mercy was always late to school after hawking in the morning. She would be punished but that did not stop her hawking, the family needed her earnings. She later met some kids who hawked. They all talked about their experiences on the street. 
They became friends. The children were into petty theft. Mercy became hardened to the point she would retaliate whenever her mother beat her.
At 9, Nkoli, the eldest of the street kids, introduced them to Madam Mba who used them as prostitutes. They worked in a bar where keke and bus drivers picked them up for N2000/N3000 only. Mercy stole at every opportunity. At that age, she began menstruating. At 13, she had committed a series of abortions.
The last abortion that almost took her life led to her suicide attempt. It was a terrible life for Mercy. She was either in police custody for a crime, or a man was abusing her during sex.
While Mercy stayed with me, I was relieved that she has been saved. She was to return to school, learn a trade.
She told me she needed to visit her parents after she had been with me for over a month. Days after, I got the devastating news that she committed suicide. 
I have lost a couple of people I tried to save through raising funds for
their causes, but Mercy’s death shattered me. As I mourned, I realised there were millions still on the streets, young boys, young girls - some mere kids - who hawk everyday. They are molested everyday and even as you read this, some are being molested. We can save them by contributing funds for this movie.
Please make a contribution to save a Mercy today!

This movie will NOT be SOLD. It will be given free to families, schools, worship centres, cinemas, viewing centres, urban and rural communities.

Thank you and God bless you as you contribute.

Chioma Okoye

Purple Ribbon Care Foundation

  • I will like to take the time out to say that I can understand on what that child is going through. I can relate on its like when your family members is steadily abusing you for no reason at all. I would like to donate$100.00 to start with.

    Joye Saint-Aimie

    2/13/2019 11:55:25 PM

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