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Sanitary towels are important for girls. It is a way of contributing to their education as they will be able to attend school even if they are in their menstrual periods
It is important for the girls to have sanitary towels. We are situated in a disadvantaged community. Most of their parents are unemployed and they become embarrassed when they have to ask for them from teachers or their friends.

 A lot of times, we claim we want to heal the world, or do something nice for someone, but we wait, for a big opportunity. We want to pay school fees or gift a house or do something remarkable. We always fail to remember that it’s in the little things.
If we are going to be honest, we would all agree that sanitary towels/ pads are too expensive! Considering that it is not a luxury, it is not a necessity! I wonder if me, me that has a good job can complain, how much more, a little girl who can barely feed.  

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